Friday, February 13, 2009

Salzburg - the Mozart City

Beth and me went to Salzburg on Friday afternoon. Although, we left early from Erlangen, we didn't make it to Salzburg until late that evening as there was way too much traffic and a bit too much snow coming down on Friday. But we took the time for a dinner in Aying and then made it quickly to Salzburg.

In Salzburg we stayed at the Hotel Sacher. Its main hotel is of cause in Vienna, but the sister hotel in Salzburg is not missing its charm and service.

On Saturday we first conquered the city by foot, visiting the Mozart birth place and living house, had a nice Wurst mit Krem on the marketplace and further discovered the Fürst Confectionery - the maker of the official first Mozart Kugeln - a praline.
After all the walking, we took a more relaxing way of sightseeing Salzburg - by Fiaker (Landau carriage).

In the evening we had a reservation for the Mozart Dinner at the Stiftskeller St Peter. We listened to parts of Don Giovanni, Le Nozze de Figaro and Die Zauberflöte.

On Sunday, we paid a visit to Hochsalzburg, the massive castle above Salzburg city.