Sunday, June 28, 2009

Will this be my next car?

May I present to you ...

It looks quite impressive and the movies on You Tube are giving a good impression. This car is using an electric motor for propulsion. Hence, I like to think about it a s green - as long as the energy required to drive it, comes from renewable sources like solar energy ...

It shall seat 5 adults plus two kids, has a top speed above 200 km/h, and different options to extend the range of up to 450 km on one charge. It is said that 45 min would be sufficient on a normal 220 V outlet to recharged it to full again.

Here is the link to the European specs.

So, if you believe I ought to drive this car, please donate ===>

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cannot get enough of this car ... eRUF Greenster

Please donate ;o)


Why is the eRUF Greenster actually green


Well, first of because the car is an electric car.

And secondly, because it is part of a network of energy generated by renewable resources.

Let's see if the government and the major industrial drives in Germany will provide alternatives to oil based mobility soon at acceptable costs. As long as the electric cars are outrages expensive, they will not find a market compared to the established status quo. Therefore, new business models have to be developed in which the batteries, yielding one of the most expensive parts of an electric car, become more affordable or don't need to be bought, since they belong to the electric energy provider and can use them as resources for high peak energy generation ...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My next car ...?

For some time I am contemplating what will be my next car. Currently, I drive a BMW X5 the whole year and a Porsche Boxster from April to October.
For sure neither of them are very green ... they are rather pitch black green if at all - especially, when I drive them :o)

But now there might be an alternative on the horizent. A car which is green - and not only it its name Greenster, but also because of its propulsion. It is using a Siemens-developed electric powertrain and still
  • gets you from 0 to 100km/h in less then 5 seconds,
  • has a top speed of 250 km/h,
  • torque of 950 Nm and
  • a range of 300 km on one charge.

This is the eRUF Greenster:

My only problem, besides that the car will only be available in 2010, is the amount of € 180.000.- in order to call one my own ...

I accept donations ...

Additional reading: Siemens Pictures of the Future, Spring Edition 2009