Friday, November 8, 2013

My epic ride south

So, originally, I wanted to start my ride from San Francisco to Buenos Aires on last Wednesday ... but, so far, the title for my new motorcycle has not arrived. Depending with whom you are talking, the title is vital to enter Mexico or not even asked for ... As a German, I want it to do it the right way. As I was promised the title arrives now any day, I decided to wait for it before leaving ... But doing so now for two days drives me crazy! I used the days to further prep the bike and repack my luggage, but all that does not get me any closer to Buenos Aires ...

Therefore, I have come up with a new plan:
I will wait until Saturday on my title. Irregardless, if it arrives or not, I will leave on Sunday down to Mission Viejo, CA and will try to enter Mexico at Tecate on Monday without the title and, hopefully, I will be on my happy way south.

If not, I will return north to Joshua Trees NP and then probably further east to Big Bend NP in TX.
So, ALL, cross your fingers and toes on Monday that they do not ask me for the title!
I will keep you all posted ...

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